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Utilizing Google Shopping’s free and fast shipping label has allowed us to bring our relevant supply information directly to the customer driving real results such as: 1) 50% increase in sales volume for our top selling product during the following month after, 2) Lift of 33% for Google conversion rate within one month of launch.” 

What our advisors will support your business with (once evaluated).

 How it Works

Once your application is validated, getting started with free and fast on Google is easy!

Showcase your brand's shipping speeds at point of discovery with Google Shopping's new free and fast shipping label.

Once you go live on Google Shopping, the label will be available on your listings. Customers purchase products through your ecommerce platform and they are delivered to end consumers via ShipBob!


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After expressing interest in the program, we will take into consideration your shipping speeds, cost, and factor that into our decision.


Once approved, we’ll work with you to configure your shipping speed, zip codes and SKUs enrolled through the Google Shopping Merchant Center.

Google Shopping interjects a visual touch to a text-heavy searching and shopping experience.

Google Shopping allows you to show up numerous times in Google SERPs — a website result, a text-only PPC result, and a Google Shopping result.

ShipBob customers have seen 50% increase in sales volume on their top selling products in the following months after going live with Google's free and fast Shopping ad label.

Why Advertise on Google?

- Kristel de Groot, Co-founder of YourSuper

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We understand the complexity of setting up a new sales channel. Allow us to do the heavy-lifting.

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Identifying Free Shipping threshold

Selecting which products are eligible 

Determining which zip codes are within coverage

Configuring Shipping Services settings

Selling more and growing on Google

Configure Google Shopping Merchant Center

Go Live!

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About Free and Fast

Through Google Shopping's new free and fast shipping ad label, brands will be able to leverage shipping speeds and price through the Free 2-Day label. When consumers search, browse, and compare across their favorite stores, products that are enrolled in the program will not only have labeling, but an increase in search favorability.

Improve Your Online Strategy

Create a competitive edge by showcasing fast shipping options at the point of discovery.

Increase Your Search Favorability

Attract more customers with the free and fast label that outlines shipping speed and price.

Your Trusted Advisors

David Nichols

Sr. Director of Merchant Experience

Todd Bills

Chief Logistics Officer

Casey Armstrong

Chief Marketing Officer

“People living with diabetes and other chronic conditions often begin their search for tools, data, and support with Google, so being able to show the 'free and fast' shipping label with Google Shopping’s free and fast features has been fantastic for us... Our customers expect a great experience and Google’s fast and free with ShipBob helps us get that message out.”

- Doug Kern, SVP Commerce & Supply Chain at One Drop

With ecommerce fulfillment already complex enough, we know there is limited time in the day. With ShipBob on your side, you're given a team of advisors who know a thing or two about Google Shopping best practices and growing brands. Once approved, we'll help you get setup for success!

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