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Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

Dallas/Fort. Worth, TX

Bethlehem, PA

ShipBob's fulfillment center locations

Scalable fulfillment for today and tomorrow

Gain a large geographic footprint
ShipBob lets you split your inventory across any combination of its four fulfillment centers in the United States to reduce transit times and shipping costs.

Easy Integration
Connect your ecommerce store with ShipBob’s software in a few clicks, import your products and orders, and have orders automatically sent as soon as they’re placed.

Deliver on customer expectations
Offer 2-day ground shipping across the continental US at very affordable rates. Increase conversions, drive more revenue, and meet customer expectations by providing timely delivery and tracking.

Utilize a full-stack fulfillment solution
ShipBob owns and operates all of its fulfillment centers and provides proprietary software at no cost that connects your stores and powers its fulfillment network.

A modern fulfillment partner for ecommerce brands who want to grow, scale and profit

Inventory management
Send your inventory to ShipBob and get real-time tracking and the tools to forecast demand and store the optimal stock levels in the optimal locations.

Faster shipping
Your customers expect fast, affordable shipping. ShipBob acts as an extension of your team, providing discounted rates and efficient services without you having to run operations.

Showcase your brand — not ours
You can take advantage of standard plain brown boxes, poly mailers, bubble mailers, tape, dunnage, and packing materials for all orders at no extra cost, or use your own custom branded packaging.

Ship Faster and Smarter
With ShipBob Fulfillment + Fundbox

We empower brands to

Focus on being brands

How BAKblade Grew 291% in Under 3 Years By Partnering With ShipBob

They started the business in 2012 with just $5,000 and grew organically with lots of trial and error. They tweaked the blade technology, acquired intellectual property trademarks and patents, and then went viral. Today, BAKblade is in Bed Bath & Beyond, has distribution in the US, Europe, and Latin America, and ended 2018 with $10 million in sales.